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Monstera deliciosa (House Plant)

…effect and giving it the common name of Swiss Cheese Plant. This climbing plant is best trained on to a moss pole. It will produce aerial roots which will take moisture from the atmosphere as it grows. Monstera deliciosa is a majestic house plant that…  More Info

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Scandi Houseplant Collection

plants around your home include increased humidity and purified airBrighten your home with this collection of scandi inspired house plants - which will include a lucky dip mix of 3 varieties. Each collection will include 3 potted houseplants, varieties may include:…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Pink Star'

Cordyline ?Pink Star? is a firework of a plant with long, strap-like foliage that explodes from a central stem! Dazzling, pink and burgundy, variegated leaves arch stiffly upwards to create a spectacular architectural focal point. With maturity, plants may also send up…  More Info

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Cordyline 'Superstar'

…-8C (17F). Plant it in borders as a colourful focal point, or grow it in metallic patio pots for a modern, architectural display. Height and spread: 2m (6', 6). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined plant size.…  More Info

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Artificial Fan Palm Plant

Artificial Fan Palm Plant Add some colour, texture and tropical style to your home with this stunning artificial palm plant, perfect for people who aren?t keen gardeners and don?t want the care and maintenance that comes with a real plant. Simply unpack…  More Info

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House Plant Green Mix

…* Chamaedorea elegans (Parlour Palm) - A beautiful Palm with elegant light green foliage and a compact, slow growth habit. Prefers a bright position with a little sun during part of the day. .* Ficus elastica (Indian Rubber Plant) - A popular ornamental   More Info

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Raffia Tie

…are a natural and environmentally alternative to plastic garden ties. Made from strips of raffia palm tree leaves, they are robust and will keep your plants in place. They can be used to tie tomato plants to canes, runner beans to obelisks and roses to trellis.…  More Info

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Empathy Bulb Starter

planting by simply adding the correct quanity to the bottom of each planting hole. Bulb Starter combines valuable mycorrhizal fungi, vermiculite and seaweed meal to provide the perfect conditions for your bulbs whilst also stimulating root growth, to promote longer…  More Info

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Mahonia 'Soft Caress'

…spiny stems! This compact evergreen shrub won the RHS Chelsea Flower Show's 'Plant of the Year' in 2013. Flowering in the autumn with delicate spikes of yellow, honey-scented flowers, Mahonia 'Soft Caress' is a valuable plant for late season colour, and adds an exotic…  More Info

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Phoenix Palm

palm can reach 5m (16') height and 3m (10') spread. Supplied in a 1 litre pot. Ceramic pot not included. Phoenix Palm will reach full maturity height in 20-50 years. Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a defined   More Info

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Dwarf Fan Palm

The northernmost naturally occurring palm in the world, this evergreen plant makes an exotic addition to any garden. Dwarf Fan Palm produces large, stiff fan-shaped leaves on stout trunks, and dense panicles of yellow flowers in summer for added interest. Holding an…  More Info

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Lupin 'Noble Maiden'

…to normally colour-packed Lupin palette. The tall spires of almost luminescent white flowers towering over the palm shaped leaves will bring calmness to areas of colourful planting and lighten areas of dappled shade in cottage, cut flower or wildlife gardens during…  More Info

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Trachycarpus fortunei

One of the hardiest palms available to the home gardener, Trachycarpus Fortunei or the Chinese Windmill Plant, will tolerate cool, wet summers and cold winters, making it an ideal choice for British gardens. This striking, evergreen fan palm forms a truly eye-catching…  More Info

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