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Oxalis Censation™ 'Double Pink Wonder'

Oxalis Censation™ 'Double Pink Wonder' is a delicate plant, with petit, white double blooms, with red picotee edges. This Shamrock is a low growing bulb, forming a spreading clump of triangular, clover-like foliage. It is ideal for alpine troughs, pots and sheltered rockeries.…  More Info

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Spring Flowering Bulb Collection

…attention throughout the season, and returning in a bigger and better display each year. (6). Spread: 5cm (2).* Oxalis - This ornamental Shamrock is as versatile as it is pretty. Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross' is mainly grown for its clover-like, bright green leaves…  More Info

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Summer Spectacular Colour Collection

…attractive complement for your borders.* 10 x Gladioli Mixed - Spectacular stately flower spikes to fill your borders with flamboyant colour!* 25 x Oxalis ? Bright shamrocks emerge from clover-like foliage.* 15 x Acidanthera - Elegant white blooms with deep maroon blotch at…  More Info

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Oxalis versicolor

A half hardy alpine with the most fascinating buds, like striped candy canes! In late summer and autumn the flowers of Oxalis versicolor open to reveal cupped white petals with bright raspberry margins. These delicate, spreading perennials make captivating specimens for a frost free…  More Info

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Oca 'Giggles' (Gourmet Roots)

Oca is a tuberous crop from the Andes which produces potato like swollen roots with a lemony, nutty flavour. Oca ‘Giggles’ provides both starchy tubers and tangy, edible leaves, known as ‘Peruvian Wood Sorrel’, which can be used in salads. Prepare Ocas just like…  More Info

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100 Days of Colour Bulb Collection

…moly - A vigorous little allium bearing dense clusters of star-shaped, golden yellow flowers from late spring. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 5cm (2).* Oxalis adenophylla - From early summer, the distinctive foliage of this ornamental Shamrock is paired with rosy pink, tubular…  More Info

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Summer Flowering Bulbs Collection

…tough little sword lilies are excellent for planting in groups where they will form large clumps over time. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 15cm (6).* Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross' (42 bulbs) - This ornamental Shamrock is as versatile as it is pretty. From early summer, the…  More Info

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Summer Bulbs Collection

This collection of popular and colourful summer-flowering bulbs includes Allium Moly, Oxalis, Anemone de Caen and Brodiaea. Plant them in gaps among perennials or grow them together for a fantastic display in their own right. Supplied as bulbs. Useful links: How to plant bulbs,…  More Info

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