Ornamental Kale

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Kale 'Rainbow Candy Crush'

…can be enjoy a superb harvest of tasty leaves. Enjoy them in salads, juices or as a steamed vegetable. With looks like this, Kale 'Rainbow Candy Crush' shouldn't be confined to the vegetable plot - plant them in ornamental borders for a bright splash of colour! Height…  More Info

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Kale 'Jardin Mixed'

This gorgeous Kale ?Jardin Mixed? with mauve and cream centres are not only tasty and nutritious, but they have masses of ornamental appeal too. Show them off amidst mixed planting schemes in your garden with flowers and other ornamentals or enjoy their long-lasting…  More Info

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Cabbage 'Northern Lights Mixed' F1 Hybrid (Flowering)

Large ornamental plants with frilled edges and heart lifting colours for months. Cabbage Flowering Northern Lights Mixed is superb in containers. Recommended for charm and impact. Leaves colour when night temperatures fall to 50F/10C. Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are…  More Info

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