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…hardy perennial herb has sweet smelling, aromatic foliage which is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. Try it sprinkling oregano on lamb or pork before cooking. Oregano, also known as Pot Marjoram makes a useful and low maintenance addition to the herb garden. The flowers produced in summer and…  More Info

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Herb 'Summer BBQ'

…all season, from June to October, and then dry any surplus leaves to make your own bespoke dried herb mix for use throughout the winter. Height and Spread: 40cm (16in). Herb 'Summer BBQ' includes 3 plug plants, one of each of the following varieties:* Variegated sage* Lemon thyme* Golden oregano  More Info

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Oregano 'Hot and Spicy'

Oregano ?Hot and Spicy? packs a peppery punch to whatever dish you add it to. Spice up your dishes with this full hardy and easy to grow herb. It will produce an abundance of aromatic foliage ready for use from the spring into the late summer months. White flowers will appear in mid-summer meaning…  More Info

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Lavender 'Oregano' - Kew Collection Seeds

…slender stems are topped with intriguing violet-blue flower bracts. Unlike most Lavender, this variety has a rich oregano fragrance. Although perennial, Lavender multifida ?Oregano? is half hardy and therefore generally grown as an annual. However, they may be overwintered in warm, frost free…  More Info

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Kids Gardening Collection

…to salads and sandwiches. Reliable and prolific whether grown outdoors or in the greenhouse. Height: 200cm (79"). Spread: 50cm (20"). * Oregano Margherita (Pizza Plant) – The perfect herb for kids to garnish their Margherita pizzas. Perennial, ground covering Mediterranean herb with…  More Info

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