Orchid Plants

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Pleione 'Tongariro'

…than any other orchid, you'll soon have a patch in the border, or a dish pot full of them! 'Tongariro' has rich pink flowers whose finely fringed lip is attractively speckled with orange and red. Flowering during April and May. Ht. 10-15cm. Supplied as bulbs. Useful links:…  More Info

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Petunia 'Orchid Flowered Mixed'

…hanging baskets and planters. Garden Ready Plants - Our garden ready plants are selected for garden performance, straight from the nursery. We send them to you 'green' ahead of flowering (but please note some varieties may show a few blooms), which means plants  More Info

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Baby Bio Orchid Drip Feeder

Feed your treasured Orchid plants the easy way with Baby Bio's Orchid Drip Feeders. Each drippper contains a 'ready to use' supply of Orchid fertiliser to nourish your plants. Simply snip off the end of the dripper and push the cut into the soil to…  More Info

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Geranium bohemicum 'Orchid Blue'

Geranium 'Orchid Blue' is a selection by Thompson & Morgan from the species Geranium bohemicum. A short-lived border and ground cover plant which self-seeds to keep continuity. Masses of 2cm ('in.) flowers of orchid-blue, veined in purple-violet, borne on bushy plants.  More Info

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Veronica (Mixed Colours)

T&M have blended a mixture of species which are fantastic front of border or rockery plants. Producing many erect spikes, full of tiny flowers that create much impact in a complementary range of colours - orchid pink, royal blue, white, rose and light blue. Flower summer.…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Chameleon'

A truly astounding development in nasturtiums, fresh from Thompson & Morgan's innovative plant breeding programme! Not only do the summer flowers look like exotic orchids, they also change colour - check each bloom every few days - the switch needs to be seen to be believed!…  More Info

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