Orange Perennials

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Gerbera 'Sweet Collection' (Hardy)

…hardy Gerbera Daisies make fabulous patio plants and bring a cheery outlook to sunny sheltered perennial borders. Supplied in 7cm pots.Height and spread: 40cm (16). * Collection comprises:* Gerbera 'Sweet Dreams' - Pink* Gerbera 'Sweet Glow' - Orange-red * Gerbera …  More Info

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Primrose 'Husky Peach Schnapps'

…'Husky Peach Schnapps'! These wonderful, warming colours will lift any winter bed, border or container with their vibrant shades of pink, orange, yellow and peach. The 'Husky' series of primroses are well known for their reliability, hardiness and sheer flower power, try…  More Info

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Oenothera versicolor 'Sunset Boulevard'

…foliage. The striking flowers are in whorls, vivid orange/red when fully open and when over, turn to red. Like many Oenotheras, the combination of open and spent bloom together, is stunning. This very choice plant makes a wonderful addition to the perennial border and…  More Info

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Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii

Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii, also known as Cape Gooseberry, is a highly unusual and exotic looking plant that provides garden interest throughout the seasons. In midsummer the plant is covered in small creamy-white flowers that contrast with the oval green foliage. Later in the year…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite' (Mid Season)

'Cambridge Favourite' is one of the most popular varieties available. Bumper crops of juicy orange-red fruits with excellent texture and flavour and texture are produced from June to July. This versatile and reliable variety is tolerant of most situations, and well suited to growing…  More Info

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Dahlia labella 'Maggiore Fire'

…dahlia, is well suited to both a vibrant coloured cottage garden border, or an exotic style garden. The flowers have spiked petals, that are orange, with red tips. Dahlia labella 'Maggiore Fire' provides colour in late summer and autumn, when many other plants are past their…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum 'Hardy Patio Improved'

…deep pink flowers in autumn.* Chrysanthemum ?Moviestar Blanchett Yellow? - Bright golden blooms bring sunshine to your pots on the cloudiest days. * Chrysanthemum ?Moviestar Blanchett Red? - Rich orange-red blooms form a neat cushion of colour. Height and spread: 60cm (24).…  More Info

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Honeysuckle 'Dropmore Scarlet'

This vigorous climbing honeysuckle produces clusters of fiery red-orange flowers over a long period from July to September. Semi-evergreen in all but the coldest winters, Honeysuckle 'Dropmore Scarlet' will quickly cover walls, fences and pergolas with fabulous colour, providing year-round…  More Info

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Strawberry Full Season Collection

…Favourite' has made it one of the most well-known and best-loved varieties available. This mid-season strawberry produces a bumper crop of juicy orange-red fruits with an excellent flavour and texture from June to July. This superb variety is reliable and tolerant of most…  More Info

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Arctotis 'T&M Hybrids'

Shades of cream, yellow, orange, red, crimson and purple. Beautiful for the border where the flowers are produced in profusion throughout the summer, and excellent for cutting.Silvery/green finely cut foliage. Flowers mid summer to frost.  More Info

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Calceolaria 'Sunset Mixed'

Three stunning colours for summer bedding and containers, including copper-orange and red, rich-red, yellow and scarlet. Bushy habit with lots of short stemmed flowers over a long period. Frost hardy. Early sowing recommended. Height: 15-20cm (6-8in)  More Info

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