Orange Lillies

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Tree Lily® 'Debby'

This magnificent Tree Lily makes a sensational focal point for the back of borders. Lily 'Debby' boasts enormous bicolour blooms with a powerful fragrance, upon towering stems that reach up to 2m (6?, 6) by the second or third year. Over the years, the bulbs will bulk up to produce…  More Info

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Red Hot Poker 'Papaya Popsicle'

Glorious two-tone flower spikes in shades of red and yellow adorn these neat compact evergreen perennials over an incredibly long period - from midsummer through to October! From the Kniphofia 'Popsicle series', Red Hot Poker 'Papaya Popsicle' produces an abundance of flowers above neat…  More Info

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Tulip 'Fly Away' and 'Pieter' Duo Collection

These two spectacular Tulip varieties have been brought together in one collection for a dramatic effect. The flame-like flowers of Tulip ?Fly Away? contrast perfectly with the zingy, lemon and lime shades of Tulip ?Pieter?. Both varieties boast a slender, ?lily? flower shape giving a…  More Info

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Alstroemeria Summer Duo

…Summer Duo comprises:* Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer' - The rich bronze foliage makes the perfect backdrop to the glowing flowers. Height: 75cm (30). Spread: 60cm (24).* Alstroemeria 'Summer Breeze' - Golden orange blooms contrast beautifully with the dark glossy foliage.…  More Info

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Ferraria crispa 'Starfish Lily'

…that will appear in spring. The blooms, once they have fully developed, have brown frilled edges, brown and purple spots of colour and a striking orange anthers, a real kaleidoscope! If you want to grow something out of the ordinary this year, then this is the plant for you!…  More Info

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Gladioli Bold Collection

…(6).Collection comprises:* Gladiolus 'Black Surprise' - Luxuriously rich, velvety black blooms.* Gladiolus 'Brown Sugar' - A bold shade of burnt orange that will certainly attract attention.* Gladiolus 'Green Star' - A fresh, contemporary shade of green provides a stunning…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Summer Trio'

…rich bronze foliage makes the perfect backdrop to the glowing flowers. * Alstroemeria ?Summer Saint?- A profusion of stems throughout the summer months, topped with flamboyant mauve?pink blooms. * Alstroemeria ?Summer Breeze?- Golden orange blooms contrast beautifully with…  More Info

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85 Wildlife Friendly Bulb Collection

…August. Height: 100cm (40). Spread: 50cm (20). * Crocosmia Mix'- 10 bulbs - Dense clumps of upright sword-shaped foliage, with sprays of bright orange or red flowers, carried in branched spikes. Flowering Period: August - September. Height: 100cm 40). Spread: 20cm (8).…  More Info

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Alstroemeria Summer Trio

…for indoor vases. Height: 75cm (30). Spread: 60cm (24).* Alstroemeria 'Summer Breeze' '- Shimmering bronze foliage sets off the glorious oranges and yellows of the blooms above. Height and spread: 60cm (24).* Alstroemeria 'Summer Red' - A particularly hardy variety with a…  More Info

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Towering Tree Lily® Collection

…(24). * Collection comprises: * Tree Lily' ?Honeymoon?- Silken, buttery yellow petals with a golden heart. * Tree Lily' ?Debby?- Shimmering golden orange, perfumed blooms are flushed with crimson red. * Tree Lily' ?Anastasia?- Delicate, pale pink petals and an exquisite…  More Info

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Lily 'Joy Mixed'

…the exotic when planted amongst bedding plants and perennials in the border. They look great in pots on the patio too. In shades from reds through oranges, apricots and pinks, to pale yellow and cream, the lilies in the Lily ?Joy Mixed? collection are chosen for their array…  More Info

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