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Onion 'Red Baron' (Spring Planting)

Onions are such a common ingredient in cooking recipes, its always good to have a few in the house. Growing Onion 'Red Baron' (Spring Planting) will ensure you have a good supply. The onion bulbs are deep red in colour and 'firm, with a stronger…  More Info

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Onion 'Red Baron'

…maturing variety, Onion 'Red Baron' produces firm, flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour. With eye-catching red rimmed flesh and a stronger flavour than most varieties, this RHS AGM variety makes an attractive addition to salads. An…  More Info

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Onion 'Red Herald' F1 hybrid

A red F1 hybrid onion from British breeding. Onion ?Red Herald? produces deep red, rounded bulbs with a uniform shape and crisp, tasty flesh. The flavour is strong and distinctive. This high quality variety has a longer storage potential than the popular …  More Info

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Onion & Shallot Duo

…bulbs that store for months, this is a pairing not to be missed! Onion & Shallot Duo comprises:* Onion ‘Red Ray’ (Spring Heat Treated) (250g) – an improvement on the popular ‘Red Baron’ with deep red skins…  More Info

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Onion 'Red Ray' (Spring Heat Treated)

Spring Planting. An onion harvest isn?t complete without a least one red skinned variety. Onion (Spring Heat Treated) ?Red Ray? is an improvement on the popular ?Red Baron?. It has deep red skins and firm, sweet flesh which is excellent in…  More Info

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Onion 'Stuttgarter Giant' (Spring Planting)

…producing firm, semi-flat bulbs with an excellent flavour. Onion 'Stuttgarter Giant' performed well in commercial assessments against 'Red Baron'. Height: 45cm (18). Spread: 15cm (6). Companion planting: Try growing onions with mint to confuse and deter …  More Info

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Onion Collection (Spring Heat Treated)

…and guarantee a great onion harvest. The collection comprises:* Onion 'Hysky' (Spring) - Yellow-skinned bulbs with good skin quality which means they will store for many months.* Onion 'Red Ray' (Spring) - An improvement on the popular ‘Red  More Info

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Onion Mixed Red,White & Brown (Spring/Autumn Planting)

…grow a range of onion colours to suit their culinary needs. Height: 45cm (18?). Spread: 15cm (6?). * Collection comprises 3 easily identifiable colours: * Onion ?Red Baron? (red) - Firm, flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour…  More Info

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