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Quercus robur

…wildlife tree in the UK, supporting hundreds of insect and lichen species, as well as providing food and shelter for a multitude of birds and mammals. Often known as the Pedunculate Oak, this well loved tree will need plenty of space to reach its full potential…  More Info

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Quercus rubra

The Red Oak makes a majestic landscape tree! Smooth grey bark, deeply lobed leaves and dark brown acorns provide plenty of seasonal interest. The foliage of Quercus rubra is particularly striking with each leaf growing up to 22cm in length, turning a dazzling scarlet red in…  More Info

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Quercus ilex

The Holm Oak is an easy to grow evergreen, which can either be grown as a full-sized tree, or clipped into a hedge. The glossy, tough foliage has a contrasting white underside, and is later accompanied by shiny acorns. The Holm Oak is ideal for hedging in exposed and…  More Info

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Wooden Barrel Planter

…Barrel Planter in Burnt Oak is made from natural, sustainable, FSC-certified cedar wood with a rot-proof plastic base. Generously proportioned and highly versatile, this attractive large barrel planter can be filled with flowers, vegetables, fruit, shrubs or small trees<…  More Info

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Tapered Medium Trough Planter

…perfect for bedding plants, perennials or small feature trees and shrubs. Made from natural FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) wood with a plastic base which prevents the wood from coming into contact with wet compost. Colour: Grey Wash or Burnt Oak. Dimensions: 59cm …  More Info

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