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Quercus robur

The English Oak is an iconic sight across the landscape of Britain. Instantly recognisable for its distinctive lobed foliage, deeply furrowed bark, and of course, its acorns. Quercus robur is an important wildlife tree in the UK, supporting hundreds of insect and lichen species, as…  More Info

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Quercus ilex

The Holm Oak is an easy to grow evergreen, which can either be grown as a full-sized tree, or clipped into a hedge. The glossy, tough foliage has a contrasting white underside, and is later accompanied by shiny acorns. The Holm Oak is ideal for hedging in exposed and coastal…  More Info

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Barrel Fountain Planter

…water feature and planter makes a stunning addition to any garden, patio, courtyard or conservatory. It has the appearance of a traditional oak barrel and cast iron pump, however being manufactured from UV-stabilised polyurethane gives the advantage of being lightweight …  More Info

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Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snowflake'

Arching, white conical flowers in panicles gracefully decorate this cultivar of hydrangea, breaking up the unusual oak leafed shaped foliage during late summer and autumn. As each flower slowly fades from white to gain a pink tinge, the large leaves also change to take on…  More Info

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