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Almond 'Robijn'

tree that makes a lovely patio centrepiece. Although self fertile, pollination can be greatly improved if a second almond tree is planted close by. This variety is grafted onto a peach rootstock. It is recommended to avoid planting near peaches as hybridisation may…  More Info

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Corylus maxima 'Kentish Cob'

…This attractive, bushy tree produces a mass of yellow-green catkins in the early spring followed a heavy crop of cobnuts in from September. Cobnut 'Kentish Cob' is self-fertile and therefore does not require a pollination companion. Hazels will begin to produce nuts  More Info

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Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station (without feeders)

…station (without feeders). The set is perfect for those who dont have trees in their garden to hang feeder upon.. Enjoy watching the beautiful birds in your garden indulge in a real feast by suspending different feeders, such as nut, seed and suet (not included), from…  More Info

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Kingfisher Wooden Garden Bird Table

…to keep the feed dry and fresh. This table is absolutely ideal for gardens without trees to hang bird feeders from and can be used with all types of feed including suet fat balls, suet pellets, nuts, seed mixes and more. Specification Dimensions: W42 x L42 x H118cm…  More Info

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