Nurserymans Choice Hanging Basket Plants

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Nurseryman's Choice Hanging Basket Plants

Add even more gorgeous colours to your garden this summer with Nurseryman's Hanging Basket Plants collection. This Nurseryman's choice collection features a selection of hanging basket plants, in which you will receive a…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Succulent Hanging Basket

…wherever you position them. Perfect for hanging from hooks and brackets, or placing on a high shelf where their stems can tumble downwards. Each trailing succulent is supplied in its own hanging basket, so all you need to do is hang them up and enjoy!…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Strawberry

Our Nurseryman's Choice Strawberry collection is a chance to bag our selection from customer favourite strawberries at great value. These versatile plants are suited to growing anywhere from the kitchen garden to window boxes to hanging baskets, allowing…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Container Mix

Choice Container Mix! This great value mix contains a selection of different annual bedding plants which are perfectly suited to growing in containers. We will choose a variety from customer favourites such as Fuchsias, Salvia, Verbena, Petunias or Felicia. Perfect…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Pre-Planted Hanging Basket

…colourful displays - just order our pre-planted baskets of your favourite varieties and position them where you'll most enjoy their summer colour. Then all you need to do is water them and wait! Our Nurseryman?s Choice pre-planted hanging basket  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Bedding Collection

Fill your beds, borders and patio pots the easy way with our Nurseryman's Choice Summer Bedding Collection! This great value collection contains a selection of different bedding plants which are perfectly suited to growing in containers, beds and borders. We will…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Pansy Coolwave Collection

…and easy to grow, these Pansies are at their best during the coldest months when few other plants dare to bloom, but will keep going right through to the following summer. Perfect for filling hanging baskets, patio containers and window boxes with long-lasting…  More Info

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Bedding Winter Collection

…displays. Height & Spread: 21-30cm (8-12).* Pansy Waterfall Mix (6 plugs) – our best hanging basket pansy yet! Large, showy, long-lasting and sweetly scented flowers on compact, vigorous plants with a cascading habit. Standing up to winter weather,…  More Info

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