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Potato 'Nicola' - Part of the Alan Romans Collection

…to supply the demand for small, firm, waxy salad/ boiling potatoes with flavour. 'Nicola' is yellow fleshed, eelworm resistant and grows long if given space. It used to be blight resistant but recent strains have changed this. Many new varieties are 'designed' for…  More Info

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Potato 'Jazzy'

…enormous yields that this Potato 'Jazzy' produced in our trials - both in the ground and in potato bags. The small waxy tubers are much more versatile than other salad potatoes and literally bursting with flavour - whether you boil, mash, roast or steam them.…  More Info

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The ideal accompaniment to roast lamb - homemade mint sauce is hard to beat! Add to boiled new potatoes and peas, make mint jelly or garnish summer drinks. Growing mint plants is so easy and this aromatic herb plant has a multitude of culinary uses. This vigorous perennial is…  More Info

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Leek 'Mercurian'

…'Mercurian' is a new leek variety that has long white stems, and doesn't become 'bulby'. Its upright, non-drooping leaf habit allows for good air circulation to minimise any risk of mould or infection.'A nice addition to any kitchen garden, so you can make your own delicious…  More Info

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