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Nandina domestica

A Far Eastern shrub of immense beauty and elegance, Nandina domestica spoils the senses in the best possible way. Ideal for borders and large containers alike, it has the stature and habit of Bamboo. The purple tinted foliage of this variety is particularly fine and delicate giving a wonderfully…  More Info

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Nandina 'Summer Sunset'

A compact, evergreen shrub that offers multicoloured interest throughout the year. Nandina 'Summer Sunset' has an upright habit, with sprays of fine, pointed foliage that lend it an airy appearance. New leaves emerge dark red in spring, and transition to glowing shades of orange/red/purple before…  More Info

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Nandina domestica 'Blush Pink'

Nandina domestica 'Blush Pink', also known as Heavenly Bamboo, is an interesting plant, that is suitable for a range of garden styles, from modern to Japanese. It is ideal for smaller gardens, as it has a compact habit, and will only grow to a height of 1 metre. The glossy leaves are blush-pink in…  More Info

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Evergreen Patio Shrub Collection

…eye-catching two-tone effect. The spring foliage is complemented by rounded clusters of creamy-white flowers. Height and spread: up to 4m (13').* Nandina domestica 'Blush Pink' - a particularly flamboyant semi-evergreen cultivar with young foliage emerging pink in spring. The new growth retains its…  More Info

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Nandina domestica 'Twilight'

Nandina domestica 'Twilight' makes a fine choice for your patio containers. This evergreen Heavenly Bamboo is perfect for providing year round interest. New foliage emerges flamingo pink and bronze, before colouring to variegated green and cream. In summer, the starry white flowers add to the…  More Info

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Nandina domestica 'Obsessed'

…shrub produces a summer display of white flowers which appear in conical clusters. Black berries follow in their place later in the year. Nandina domestica ?Obsessed? makes a colourful hardy shrub for the front of borders or planting in patio containers. Height: 70cm (27). Spread: 60cm…  More Info

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Nandina domestica 'Fire Power'

A drought tolerant hardy shrub, Potentilla fruticosa has attractive grey - green foliage and is covered in pretty yellow- orange flowers from May all the way through to September. This compact Shrubby Cinquefoil thrives in sunny borders or rockeries and makes a great low hedge. Shrubby Cinquefoils…  More Info

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