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Cornus mas 'Kazanlak'

…one. ‘Kazanlak’ bears bright red, pear-shaped fruits, 8-9g each. The fruits have a fragrant sweet-sour taste, not dissimilar to Morello Cherries, and are rich in vitamin C. They are ready for harvesting in the second half of August but should be left for a few days to soften and…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Most Scented Melody Morello Ice'

…in rose and white with a yellow eye, smother dense, rounded mounds of tiny foliage. Miniature but mighty, Nemesia ‘Most Scented Melody Morello Ice’ has incredible flower power combined with a dainty charm that means it harmonises seamlessly with perennial borders and cottage garden…  More Info

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Beetroot 'Morello'

A visually impressive variety which matures quickly from just 12 weeks after sowing! Beetroot 'Morello' produces rounded, purple roots with attractive white rings set within the dark flesh. The red stems and purple leaves can be eaten as well as the roots, making this a versatile ?no waste?…  More Info

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Agastache 'Morello'

…aromatic perennials with intensely coloured flowers that are a magnet for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. Agastache ‘Morello’ bears large spires of tubular flowers in deep pink which provide striking vertical accents to borders. It also looks fabulous in containers…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Melody Collection'

…the following varieties:* Nemesia ‘Most Scented Melody Lilac Blue’ - Pale blue with a white eye.* Nemesia ‘Most Scented Melody Morello Ice’ - Bi-coloured rose and white flowers with a yellow eye.* Nemesia ‘Most Scented Melody Pink’ - Pale pink flowers with a white…  More Info

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Cherry 'Morello'

Cherry ?Morello? is the best known of the cooking cherries, with very juicy dark red fruits for making pies, jams, wine or cherry brandy. The fruits are sharply acidic when fresh, but cook to a deep, rich cherry flavour. This sour cherry is particularly hardy and grows well in northern parts of the…  More Info

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