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Chinese Radish 'Mooli Kumbong' F1

Mooli Radish ?Kumbong? comes from recent Asian breeding programmes. This attractive Chinese Mooli Radish produces crisp, crunchy, gleaming white roots with an excellent flavour. The short, cylindrical Radishes reach just 15cm (6) in length, making this an excellent choice for…  More Info

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Mooli Radish 'Neptune' F1 Hybrid

…roots with a crisp, mild flavour that won't go pithy. The pure white, crisp fleshed, mild flavoured roots of Mooli Radish 'Neptune', grow up to 25cm (10) long. Fully winter hardy, this mooli radish is best grown for autumn and winter production. Roots remain in…  More Info

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Mooli Radish 'Dragon' F1 Hybrid

Quicker maturing and with a slightly milder taste than Radish 'China Rose'. Earliest sowings of Radish 'Dragon' are ready in 50 days whilst later sowings provide delicious 'winter radishes'. Fully winter hardy, producing smooth, pinky-red skinned roots that are superb sliced in salads and…  More Info

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