Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera deliciosa (House Plant)

Monstera deliciosa is instantly recognisable for its lustrous, dark green, heart-shaped leaves with their characteristic splits. As the leaves grow the holes appear, creating a palm-like effect and giving it the common name of Swiss Cheese Plant. This climbing plant is best…  More Info

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Monstera dubia with plank

A relative of the popular Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa), this rare Monstera species looks very different but is a beautiful houseplant which deserves to be more widely grown. Sometimes referred to as the Shingle Plant, Monstera dubia is a climbing vine…  More Info

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Monstera 'Monkey Leaf' (House Plant)

Monstera 'Monkey Leaf' is like a compact Monstera deliciosa, or more commonly known as a Swiss Cheese plant. It has the same heart shaped leaves, with irregular holes. A great choice for a modern interior, this houseplant will help create an exotic ambience in a room.…  More Info

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House Plant Urban Jungle Collection (House Plant)

…dark green, thick leaves that are extremely glossy, with paler undersides. Over time, it matures to become a magnificent indoor tree.* Monstera deliciosa - A climbing plant, that is best trained up a mossy pole. It has rich, dark green, heart-shaped leaves with wide…  More Info

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