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Pachira Aquatica Tree Braided Stem 12cm Pot x 1

…aquatica is easy to grow in a warm bright position, although it prefers to be protected from strong, direct sunlight. This quick growing indoor tree makes a majestic focal point in the conservatory or a bright room at home. It also copes well under fluorescent lights, making…  More Info

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Crassula ovata 'Hulk' (House plant)

Money plants are perfect for those hot, sunny spots where many other plants would fail. These adaptable succulents are drought tolerant and easy to grow. Crassula ovata 'Hulk' is a little different to other varieties, boasting unusual, straight-edged leaves that taper to pointed tip…  More Info

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Crassula ovata (House plant)

Crassula ovata commonly known as the Jade plant or Money plant is an easy to care for house plant. It has glossy, succulent leaves and enjoys a full sun position. However, it will also grow in a shady corner and the leaves will darken. The ideal plant, for low maintenance indoor…  More Info

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Cherry 'Stella'

…spring followed by an abundant crop of large, dark-red, sweet fruit in late July. You can expect upwards of 5kg (11lbs) of cherries per tree, saving you money compared to paying supermarket prices. Initially growing with an upright habit, it will gradually spread as…  More Info

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Peony 'Garden Treasure'

We truly believe Peony 'Garden Treasure' to be the very best Peony that money can buy! This rare hybrid between a border peony and a tree peony is very much sought after for its floral display, statuesque habit and fragrance. Expect more than 50 highly scented blooms each…  More Info

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Summer Border Perennial Collection

…are exceptional value for money, getting bigger and better each year, filling your garden with colour as well as attracting bees and butterflies. You will receive at least 3 different varieties from our popular range - these perennial plants are exceptional value for   More Info

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