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Monarda 'Electric Neon Pink'

Shocking pink flowers with a distinctive whorled shape will liven up your summer borders! Monarda 'Electric Neon Pink' is a bright new variety of an old garden favourite, that?s perfect for a sunny spot at the front of the herbaceous border. Bees and butterflies will thank you for…  More Info

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Monarda didyma 'T&M Superb Mixed'

Candelabra-like whorls of flowers in a formula mixture with mint scented foliage. Indispensable border flower for most soils, particularly damp sites. Height 90-100cm (30-40in). Culinary note: Use the dried leaves to make Bergamot tea or use the sweet, spicy flavoured petals to enhance…  More Info

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Monarda 'Fireball'

…atop upright, leafy stems. The flowers are highly attractive to bees and the foliage releases an aromatic bergamot fragrance when brushed against. Monarda 'Fireball' is a more compact selection of this popular plant with abundant flowers over a long period from July to…  More Info

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Monarda 'Pink Supreme'

Monarda 'Pink Supreme' bears superb bushy pink flowers that form unique twists above clusters of sweetly fragrant foliage. Bergamot, which is often known as Beebalm, is an ideal cut flower for summer bouquets and is a well established favourite in the cottage garden. This specific…  More Info

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Monarda Censation™ 'Confetti'

Bergamot is a great perennial plant for a herbaceous border, in a wildlife friendly garden. Monarda Censation™ 'Confetti''attracts bees and butterflies, and has'deliciously aromatic foliage and whorls of spidery blooms with tube shaped, curving petals.'It forms dense clumps…  More Info

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