Miniature Spring Bulbs

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Spring Bulb Bundle

…perennial tulips and our exclusive and extremely rare black hyacinth! Bulb Spring Collection contains the following varieties: Narcissus (Daffodil) Dwarf Collection (120 bulbs / 240 bulbs) – a cheery selection of miniature Narcissus,…  More Info

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Spring Bulb Bumper Pack

…early summer and dotted in between dainty miniature narcissus and bold tulips. This versatile selection offers something for containers, borders, rockeries and naturalising in grass. Spring Bulb Bumper Pack comprises: ' * Tulip Florist's Treat Mixed 16 Bulbs…  More Info

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Spring Flowering Bulb Bonanza Collection

…lasting succession of colour? Wherever you plant them, these low maintenance bulbs will return year after year, to welcome the spring to your garden. Spring Flowering Bulb Bonanza Collection comprises: * 15 bulbs x Allium sphaerocephalon - An…  More Info

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Narcissus Cornish Miniatures Collection

…through borders, or planting en masse to break up wide stretches of lawn. They are equally useful in spring patio pots or simply grown as a cut flower. Narcissus Cornish Miniatures Collection comprises: * Narcissus 'Cornish Chuckles' ? Up to 7 blooms per sturdy stem…  More Info

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Bulb Bonanza Collection

…the spring to your garden. Bulb Bonanza Collection comprises: * Allium moly (100 bulbs) - A vigorous little allium bearing dense clusters of star-shaped, golden yellow flowers from late spring. Height: 15cm (6") Spread: 5cm (2"). * Daffodil…  More Info

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Narcissus 'Cornish Chuckles'

…This miniature Daffodil is about to take UK gardens by storm! Up to 7 blooms per sturdy stem make this a particularly showy variety whether it is in the garden or in a vase indoors. With a delicate scent and cheery golden blooms, Narcissus 'Cornish Chuckles' brings a ray of…  More Info

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Sweet Dreams Bulb Mix

…and miniature and standard Narcissus in the gentlest shades of pink, primrose-yellow and ivory. These pretty spring bulbs are perfect for filling patio pots with a coordinated display that looks effortlessly chic! Flowering from March to May, our Sweet Dreams …  More Info

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