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Mini Cucumbers

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Cucumber 'Quick Snack'

Greenhouse/Outdoor Type A game-changing Cucumber variety with miniature fruit! The result of a breeding breakthrough, Cucumber ‘Quick Snack’ forms a dwarf plant that is perfect for compact spaces. With fruits measuring 5-6cm in length and a plant height and spread of just 50-60cm, it's…  More Info

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Cucumber 'Mini Stars' F1 Hybrid

Cucumber 'Mini Stars' F1 Hybrid produces snack size cucumbers that are great for packed lunches and summer BBQs. It can be grown either in a greenhouse, or outdoors, in a vegetable garden, or as part of a container garden, on a patio or decking area. The mini cucumbers are best harvested at 10cm (4)…  More Info

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Cucumber 'Diva'

…outdoor type.This prolific variety produces high yields of mini cucumbers that are perfect for snacking or adding to lunchboxes. The 12cm (5) fruits have smooth, glossy skins and seedless flesh that is refreshingly crisp and sweet. Cucumber 'Diva' is all female flowering, and shows good resistance…  More Info

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Cucumber 'Mini Munch' F1 Hybrid

Greenhouse type.This all female greenhouse variety is a particularly heavy cropper if harvested regularly. Cucumber 'Mini Munch' makes the perfect lunchbox snack when picked at just 7cm (3) long, or slice larger fruits into salads - the choice is yours! With a crunchy texture and fabulous flavour,…  More Info

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Cucamelon 'Melothria'

…to grow fruiting climber performs strongly on a sunny patio or border and even better in the greenhouse, producing heavy crops of mini melon fruits tasting of cucumber with a twist of lime! Eat the grape-sized fruits fresh from the vine all through summer, but do try to save some for salads, salsas…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Cucumber

…and mini varieties, there’s something here to cover all your salads, snacks and sandwich fillings. For all varieties except 'Peticue' - Height: up to 3m (9'). Spread: 45cm (18). Cucumber ‘Peticue’ - Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 45cm (18). Nurseryman’s Choice Cucumbers are…  More Info

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