Mini Conference Pear

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Pear Mini Conference

Self fertile and a reliable cropper! Pick these sweet juicy pears in September for eating from October to November. Specially bred dwarf variety, producing large pears on stems reaching only 1m (3' 3) tall - just perfect for the patio! Supplied pot grown, 30-40cm (12-16) in…  More Info

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Mini Apple and Pear Tree Collection

…(12-16) in height. Illustrated pot not supplied.* Collection comprises:* Mini Apple 'Golden Delicious' - Sweet golden skinned dessert apples.* Mini Apple 'Gala' - Crisp, sweet large dessert apples.* Pear 'Mini Conference' - Long bell shaped fruits…  More Info

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Fruit Tree Orchard Collection

…customer review rated variety! Height: 4m if left unpruned but can easily be maintained to just 275cm (9').* Pear Conference - A reliable cropper. Pick in September and these sweet juicy pears are ready for eating from October to November. Self fertile. Height:…  More Info

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