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Cherry 'Sylvia' (Mini Fruit Tree)

Delicate spring cherry blossom followed by a mass of delicious fruit in July! Specially bred dwarf variety, producing a mass of juicy cherries on stems reaching only 1m (3' 3) tall; just perfect for the patio! Supplied pot grown, 30-40cm (12-16) in height. Ceramic pot not…  More Info

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Antirrhinum 'Mini Cherry Cola'

…dark, almost black foliage, which makes a dramatic contrast with its cherry red flowers. Spires of Snapdragon blooms are borne throughout the summer, attracting a range of pollinating insects to the garden. Antirrhinum 'Mini Cherry Cola' shows superb resistance…  More Info

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Tomato 'Ildi'

Cordon Mini, sweet yellow, pear shaped cherry tomatoes with up to 80 fruits per truss. Tomato 'Ildi' is a cordon variety that naturally stops growing at 150-180cm (5-6') carrying 3-4 trusses per plant. Trusses keep well and can be picked, hung in a cool garage, and kept for…  More Info

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Tomato 'Flamingo'

Cordon tomato Tomato ‘Flamingo’ is a mini plum tomato bearing 20g fruits with cherry pink skin and an exceptionally sweet flavour. Produces heavy yields over a long period and is an excellent choice for children and beginners who will enjoy eating these sweet…  More Info

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Fruit Tree Orchard Collection

Create a mini orchard in your own garden and enjoy a wonderful selection of fresh fruits for years to come!* Collection comprises 1 each of: * Apple Braeburn - A first class dessert apple! Crisp and juicy, without being hard. This variety stores particularly well. Height: 3m (9').* …  More Info

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Sweetest Tomato Duo

The Sweetest Tomato Duo Collection is two delicious tomato cultivars; Sweet Aperitif and Sungold. Sweet Aperitif is a red-skinned cherry tomato that produces fantastic yields of mini-sized fruits, that are great for salads, and side dishes. They have a high sugar content and just…  More Info

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Tomato 'Capriccio' F1 Hybrid

Finally! A mini plum tomato to rival the sweetness of traditional cherry varieties! Tomato Carpriccio F1 produces glossy, cherry-sized, oval fruits on long trusses - even sweeter than customer favourite Santonio. The uniform fruits, each weighing around 15g, offer the perfect…  More Info

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