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Mini Apple Tree

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Mini Apple and Pear Tree Collection

trees are specially bred varieties, producing large fruits on stems reaching only 1m (3' 3) tall; just perfect for the patio! Supplied pot grown, 30-40cm (12-16) in height. Illustrated pot not supplied.* Collection comprises:* Mini Apple 'Golden Delicious' - Sweet golden skinned dessert apples.*  More Info

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Apple 'Golden Delicious' (Mini Fruit Tree)

Enjoy the sweet golden skinned fruit from this dwarf apple tree. Specially bred dwarf variety, producing large dessert apples on stems reaching only 1m (3' 3) tall - just perfect for the patio! Supplied pot grown, 30-40cm (12-16) in height. Illustrated pot not supplied. Useful links: How to plant…  More Info

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Apple 'Wonder Tree Elstar' (Patio Apple)

…spaces into a mini orchard with Apple ?Wonder Tree Elstar?. This innovative tree is super compact, yielding a harvest of delicious fruits in a small area, even at a young age. Apple ?Wonder Tree Elstar? can even be grown in a large container on a balcony or terrace. Apple ?Wonder Tree Elstar?…  More Info

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Fruit Tree Orchard Collection

Create a mini orchard in your own garden and enjoy a wonderful selection of fresh fruits for years to come!* Collection comprises 1 each of: * Apple Braeburn - A first class dessert apple! Crisp and juicy, without being hard. This variety stores particularly well. Height: 3m (9').* Cherry Stella -…  More Info

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Fruit Tree Trio (Mini Fruit Tree)

…45cm (18). Height supplied 30-40cm in 9cm pots. * Trio comprises: * Apple 'Golden Delicious' - Pollination Group 4 - Cooking and Eating Apple' - This easy to grow variety produces good yields of attractive golden-green apples that store well over a long period after harvesting. Rootstock: M9 *…  More Info

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