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Mimulus 'Cardinalis'

Light green leaves with pretty tubular vivid red flowers that bloom throughout the summer. Removing seed heads encourages prolific flowering. Flowers June-August. Miniumum height 30cm; maximum height 50cm. Maxiumum depth 10cm. Useful Links: How to sow small seeds Reasons to buy your seeds from…  More Info

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Mimulus x hybridus 'Monkey Magic' F1 Hybrid

Attractive 5cm (2 inch) pure white monkey flowers, mysteriously splashed with vibrant red spots, Flowering from early summer when as if by magic, your shady borders and containers will be transformed. Height: 15-23cm (6-9in). Culinary note: The leaves of the monkeyflower can be eaten raw or cooked.…  More Info

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Mimulus 'Monkey Magic White with Blotch'

Mimulus ‘Monkey Magic White with Blotch’ is an early flowering Monkey Flower sporting cheeky faces, 5cm (2 inches) across, speckled and spotted with maroon dots and blotches against a white base, lending them a highly exotic appearance. These floriferous Monkey Flowers are perfect for…  More Info

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Mimulus x cultorum 'Major Bees'

…addition to the summer garden. Also known as Monkey Flower, Mimulus x cultorum 'Major Bees' is a bushy, perennial plant preferring a moist soil, and is perfectly happy growing beside ponds or in damp shady corners of the garden. Mimulus can also be grown in shaded patio containers for a welcome…  More Info

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