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Incredibloom® Fertiliser

…more flowers and foliage that is healthy and vigorous. Just add to your compost when you are potting up your plants and your plants will be looking fabulous all season long - great value! N:P:K - 14-5-19 + (2MgO+22S03) with micro nutrients. Useful links: How to use…  More Info

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Gardman Compact Ground Wild Bird Feeder Tray

Innovative design - Attractive, micro mesh tray Free-standing - Ideal for garden without trees to hang bird feeders from Attracts wild birds - Perfect for enticing all types of wild birds including robins, blackbirds and thrushes Versatile - 'Great for suet fat balls, suet pellets,…  More Info

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incredibloom® and incredcrop® duo

…one easy application is all that?s required to keep your plants well fed for the rest of the growing season. N:P:K - 14-5-19 + (2MgO+22S03) with micro nutrients Incredicrop® Enjoy up to 400% more fruit with our new and exclusive Incredicrop' plant fertiliser offering a…  More Info

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Watering Irrigation Kit

A comprehensive micro-irrigation kit which is ideal for your garden or patio. This kit comes complete with 20 drippers that will water up to 22 pots or baskets. It also includes 23 metres of tubing and all fittings.  More Info

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Doff Hardwearing Lawn Seed

Perfect for high traffic areas! This hardwearing grass seed mix is ideal creating new lawns that will stand up to regular use. A carefully selected blend of grasses ensures a finish that is both durable and resilient. For best results, simply direct sow in autumn or spring. Each seed is…  More Info

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Doff Multipurpose Lawn Seed

Create a hard wearing, lush green lawn with this superior multi-purpose lawn seed! This easy-to grow grass seed mix is ideal for establishing a brand new lawn, or renovating tired areas of existing lawns under a wide range of soil and weather conditions. For best results, simply direct sow…  More Info

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Doff Fast Growing Lawn Seed

A quick growing grass seed mix that is easy to sow and creates fast results with a super-fine appearance. This versatile mix is ideal for establishing new lawns that will remain low maintenance once established. Also ideal for thickening up lawns and repairing damages areas of grass. For…  More Info

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