Melon Seeds

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Watermelon 'Mini Love' F1 Hybrid Seeds

…across the ground if you have room, but best trained to a wigwam to keep the fruit off the ground, save space and also to create an attractive feature. These melons have a fresh taste, juicy texture and high sugar content - refreshing and delicious on a hot day! Height: 30cm…  More Info

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Melon 'Alvaro' F1 Hybrid

…a wonderfully sweet flavour. Each 12cm (5) diameter fruit weighs up to 500g (1lb) at maturity, and can be harvested from July to September. This superb melon holds an RHS AGM and is ideal for outdoor cultivation in the UK. Height and spread: 2m (6', 6). These vegetable   More Info

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Cucamelon 'Melothria'

…This easy to grow fruiting climber performs strongly on a sunny patio or border and even better in the greenhouse, producing heavy crops of mini melon fruits tasting of cucumber with a twist of lime! Eat the grape-sized fruits fresh from the vine all through summer, but do…  More Info

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Turnip 'Oasis'

* Melon flavoured turnipIf you have never tried to grow this vegetable, you must try Turnip Oasis. Can be picked at any size with a surprisingly sweet juicy flavour similar to a melon. Turnip Oasis is delicious when eaten raw like an apple, or grated and added to salads.…  More Info

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Melon 'Outdoor Wonder' F1 Hybrid

True to its name, Melon 'Outdoor Wonder' is ideal for growing outdoors through black plastic or under cloches. This Galia type reliably produces pale green fleshed melons even in less than perfect British summers, and has good mildew resistance too. The tennis ball sized…  More Info

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Melon 'Emir' F1 Hybrid (Seeds)

Small melons are produced in abundance and are perfect for families. Their golden flesh is complimented by a rich, sweet flavour. Ideal grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 200cm (79).  More Info

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Melon 'Edonis' F1 Hybrid

…appearance. This variety also has good resistance to fusarium wilt. Height and spread: 2m (6', 6). Melons require high temperatures and humidity. In all but the very warmest areas cultivation is most successful in a greenhouse, or under cover of a cold frame or cloche when…  More Info

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Squash 'Autumn Crown' (Winter)

…An average of 5 fruits per plant, each weighing 1.5kgs (approx 3lbs) develop on semi trailing vines. Fruits have a rich orange flesh with a 'melon aroma', and a small seed cavity. Stores well. Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details…  More Info

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