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Melon Grafted Duo

…grafted vegetables! These melon plants produce a huge increase in yields over a longer cropping season, with better tolerance to pests and diseases. * Melon Grafted Duo comprises:* Melon ?Perseus? - A charentais-type melon with fruits weighing up…  More Info

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Melon 'Perseus' F1 Hybrid

Melon 'Perseus' F1 Hybrid is a melon that can be grown in greenhouses or sheltered, sunny areas of British gardens.'It is a charentais-type melon with fruits weighing up to 750g, with attractive striped skin, and juicy orange flesh inside. They have good resistance to…  More Info

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Watermelon 'Mini Love' F1 Hybrid

…how about Watermelon 'Mini Love' F1 Hybrid. This melon cultivar can be grown in British gardens, in either the greenhouse, a sunny vegetable patch, or in 15 - 20 litre planters on a sunny patio, or decking area. Each plant can produce 3 to 4 melons, with juicy…  More Info

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Melon 'Emir' F1 Hybrid (Seeds)

Small melons are produced in abundance and are perfect for families. Their golden flesh is complimented by a rich, sweet flavour. Ideal grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 200cm (79).  More Info

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Solanum muricatum (Mini Melon)

…flesh with a sweet flavour similar to a cantaloupe melon. The rounded fruits have a creamy skin with distinctive purple markings - fabulous for something a little bit different in the kitchen garden! Solanum muricatum are shrubby, evergreen plants; ideal for growing…  More Info

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