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Artemisia arborescens 'Powis Castle'

…of silver feathery leaves, and has been awarded an RHS AGM. Originating from the Mediterranean, Wormwood has fantastic drought tolerance and is perfect for hot, sunny and dry borders! This hardy evergreen plant makes a wonderful highlight in cottage garden borders,…  More Info

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Verbascum 'Dark Eyes'

…to just 30cm (12) tall. Its coarse green foliage forms a dense clump, creating excellent groundcover when they are planted in close groups. This hardy perennial is perfect for cottage gardens and Mediterranean planting schemes, and also works nicely as a cut…  More Info

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Citrus Tree 'Complete Collection'

…and lime; plus a 750g pack of new incredicrop® slow-release fertiliser - for up to 400% more fruit! Making lovely patio plants and adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden, citrus trees have glossy evergreen leaves and clusters of highly fragrant flowers…  More Info

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Crocosmia 'Firestarter' (Firestars Series)

…contemporary or Mediterranean theme, they are perfect for a sunny herbaceous border. The plant has a compact habit, so will grow as a larger clump as it matures, rather than spread along the border. Like all Crocosmia it's hardy and low maintenance. Height: 75cm (29).…  More Info

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Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'

…grass forms dense tufts of very fine, silver-blue leaves, creating a soft texture when planted en masse. Short spikes of flowers emerge in midsummer which fade to a light straw colour. With its Mediterranean origins, Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' is fantastic for dry…  More Info

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Blue Louvre Shuttered Mirror

…wall. Plant climbing roses alongside it, for an even greater impact. The shutters are made from wood and are painted blue, with a weathered effect finish. The mirror is real glass and there is a hook on the back so it can be installed easily. The mirror is perfect for a   More Info

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Acanthus spinosus

…with glossy architectural leaves and equally impressive flower spikes of purple and white, which appear in late spring and summer. Native to the Mediterranean, Acanthus spinosus is incredibly drought tolerant once established - perfect for hot dry borders! Bear's Breeches…  More Info

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Agapanthus africanus

…on tall stems, making a graceful prescence in the garden. Looking particularly good planted en masse, African Blue Lily will thrive in a sunny, sheltered corner of the garden, suiting Mediterranean planting schemes well. Height: 1m (39). Spread: 50cm (19).…  More Info

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Agapanthus africanus 'Albus'

…in late summer. Making a graceful prescence in the garden, grow Agapanthus in patio containers or en masse in sheltered sunny borders. This stunning hardy perennial is excellent for Mediterranean themed planting or for creating a contemporary feel to the garden.…  More Info

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Italian Cypress

Mediterranean Cypress, this stately, drought-tolerant tree has a tall columnar habit, looking fabulous planted either side of an entranceway or as an architectural focal point in the garden. Try growing Cupressus sempervirens in large patio containers or borders to…  More Info

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Euphorbia characias 'Black Pearl'

Euphorbias are great plants for a sunny spot, making a good show all year round. Euphorbia characias ?Black Pearl? is at its most fascinating in spring when tall spires of buds open to reveal bright green flowers with black centres, looking like mysterious dark pearls. These…  More Info

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Linaria purpurea 'Cannon J Went'

…as Toadflax, this upright perennial fits in beautifully with cottage garden themes, herbaceous borders, wildlife gardens and gravel gardens. With its Mediterranean origins, Linaria purpurea is perfect for hot sunny borders, preferring a free-draining sandy soil. Height: 90cm…  More Info

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Euphorbia characias 'Glacier Blue'

…a compact habit, Euphorbia ?Glacier Blue? is perfect for low-maintenance borders, and the exotic-looking flowers are a great source of spring nectar for pollinating insects. Try cutting a few blooms of Mediterranean Spurge for a long-lasting flower arrangement indoors.…  More Info

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Festuca glauca

…flowers have a green tint. Festuca glauca plants are easy to grow, forming neat clumps which rarely need maintaining. This grass looks great in rockeries and gravel gardens and the hardy perennial can also be grown alongside complementary Mediterranean-style plants in…  More Info

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