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Wildflowers 'Classic Meadow Mix'

…the Wildflowers 'Classic Meadow Mix' 'is an easy way to create a beautiful mini meadow in your garden, with a variety of native wildflowers. Simply open the box, scatter the seeds where you want the wildflowers, and then just wait for the plants to grow, and   More Info

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Wildflowers 'Ultimate Mix'

…Ox-Eye Daisy, Meadow Buttercup, Lady's Bedstraw, White Campion, Yarrow, Grasses: Browntop Bent, Strong Creeping Red Fescue, Crested Dogstail, Meadow Fescue, Sheeps Fescue. Net weight of box: 200g, including 15g seeds and 185g of vermiculite as a 'carrier' to…  More Info

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Wildflowers 'Cornfield Annuals Mix'

Create a mini wildflower meadow in your garden with the Wildflowers 'Cornfield Annuals Mix'. Simply scatter the seed in the desired location, and a few months later it will become a blaze of colour. Perfect places to scatter the seeds are at the bottom of the garden,…  More Info

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