Mashed Potato Squash Seeds

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Winter Squash 'Potatoes Duo' - seeds

…iron, vitamins and minerals. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 100cm (39). Squash ?Potatoes Duo? comprises: * Squash ?Baked Potatoes? - Pale orange skins and creamy white flesh.* Squash ?Mashed Potatoes? - Creamy white coloured flesh which…  More Info

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Squash 'Mashed Potatoes' (Winter) - seeds

A winter Acorn Squash with a wonderful secret! Beneath the dazzling white skins lies a creamy white coloured flesh which looks just like mashed potato when it is baked and fluffed ? but at just a fraction of the calories! Squash ?Mashed Potatoes?  More Info

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