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Earth Cycle Cow Compost

Earth Cycle Cow Compost is a rich, organic multi-purpose soil improver made from composted plant material and manure from an organic dairy herd. Packed with essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and trace elements, this manure-based compost is perfect for mixing…  More Info

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Swede 'Brora'

Bred as a culinary swede. Swede Brora has attractive reddish-purple shiny skin and cream base, with fine grained, well-flavoured, creamy yellow flesh, free from any bitterness. Swede Brora is best harvested late autumn up to New Year. Excellent storage qualities. Prefers a rich, well   More Info

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Comfrey leaves can be harvested several times a season and used as a compost activator to help breakdown other compost materials. This perennial herb is also used as a mulch, and makes superb liquid manure on tomato and potatoes plants. Height: 120 (47). Spread: 150cm (59).  More Info

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Lily 'Mr Cas'

Oriental lilies prefer a moist, free draining, neutral to acid soil that is rich in organic matter. Prior to planting, add plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost to the soil to give your lilies the best start. When growing lilies in containers, use a loam based compost such…  More Info

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