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RocketGro Organic Chicken Manure

A high nitrogen manure produced from free-range chickens, RocketGro Organic Chicken Manure will boost the health and yields of your plants. Peat free, chemical-free, weed seed free and completely natural, RocketGro Organic Chicken Manure comes in powdered form, and can be sprinkled onto the surface…  More Info

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RHS SylvaGrow Farmyard Manure/Soil Improver

Melcourt SylvaGrow Farmyard is a professional quality, RHS-endorsed peat-free soil improver that improves fertility, soil structure and moisture retention. Rich in nutrients and organic matter, this versatile soil conditioner is perfect for applying as a weed-suppressing mulch or mixing into beds…  More Info

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Comfrey leaves can be harvested several times a season and used as a compost activator to help breakdown other compost materials. This perennial herb is also used as a mulch, and makes superb liquid manure on tomato and potatoes plants. Height: 120 (47). Spread: 150cm (59).  More Info

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Greenvale Organic Pelleted Chicken Manure

…containers. Provides a balanced formula of nutrients with slow-release action. Can be used as a compost activator and to make liquid feeds. A poultry manure based fertiliser which also acts as a soil conditioner. Pelleted for ease of use.* Apply 120-200g per sq.m.* N 4.5%, P 3.2%, K 3.1%, Ca 9.0.*…  More Info

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Swede 'Brora'

Bred as a culinary swede. Swede Brora has attractive reddish-purple shiny skin and cream base, with fine grained, well-flavoured, creamy yellow flesh, free from any bitterness. Swede Brora is best harvested late autumn up to New Year. Excellent storage qualities. Prefers a rich, well manured soil.  More Info

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Rhubarb Taster's Collection

Rhubarb ‘Taster’s Collection’ will keep you supplied with rhubarb crumble, pies, and jams throughout the rhubarb season, from the earliest fruiting varieties to the last. This easy to grow vegetable is roundly popular – just ensure you have well-manured soil and plenty of…  More Info

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