Lucky Dip Plants

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Mini Jungle Mix in Decorative Croco Pots

…jungle houseplants is perfect for the home or office. Each plant comes in a decorative ceramic pot. Available singly or as collection of 3 or 5 different varieties with contrasting shapes, colours and textures. As this is a lucky dip collection, your order may…  More Info

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Seasonal Border Perennial Plants 'Nurserymans Choice'

Gift yourself a lovely surprise with a lucky dip from our seasonal perennial nursery stock! We will send you a selection of hardy plants randomly selected from our current stock. We can't specify exactly which species you will recieve - that would spoil the fun! You…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Large Plants (3-4 litre)

This 'Lucky Dip' offer provides a great opportunity for saving money - and for receiving a pleasant surprise! Representing great value for money, this selection is chosen for you. For the price of '9.99 you will receive a bargain pack of large plants which are worth at…  More Info

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House Plants Hanging Mixed

…and calm. This pre-planted hanging basket contains a lucky dip mixture of our best stock which will alter according to season and availability. Listed below are some of the plants which could be included: Aeschynanthus marmoratus (Lipstick plant) -…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Large Plants (2 litre)

…surprises? Unpack your parcel of plants and discover what treasures we have sent you. With this Lucky Dip collection of large plants you pay just '8.99 and receive a selection of plants worth at least '9.99. With this offer we can't take orders…  More Info

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Mixed house plants 12cm Delphi Ceramic pot

Create an instant green oasis of calm with this lucky dip selection of foliage houseplants. Each one comes with a contemporary ceramic pot, lending Scandi style to your home interior. These undemanding houseplants are perfect for beginners and their lush, textural foliage not…  More Info

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Scandi Houseplant Collection

plants around your home include increased humidity and purified airBrighten your home with this collection of scandi inspired house plants - which will include a lucky dip mix of 3 varieties. Each collection will include 3 potted houseplants, varieties…  More Info

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Green Houseplants Bathroom Trio

…Houseplants Bathroom Trio. Featuring different plant heights and attractive contrasting foliage types, this striking combination will add an instant wow factor to any bathroom. Add style to your home and bring your bathroom up to date! As this is a lucky dip  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Vegetables

…from our wide range of vegetable plants. We will send you a variety of easy to grow plugs to produce a full range of crops that you can plant in your garden or on the allotment. Whether you are a beginner gardener, or a green-fingered grower, this lucky dip<…  More Info

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Sansevieria cylindrica 'Straight' Carnival Colour

Inject some spiky fun into your home or office with these colourful Sansevieria. Each one comes with a painted tip in a bright array of lucky dip colours and is supplied in a matching ceramic pot. Sansevieria cylindrica 'Straight' will make an eye-catching specimen which is…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Perennial Mix 36 Plugs + 5 seeds

…whatever we decide to send, you won't be disappointed. We’ve also included 5 packets of Nurseryman’s Choice Flower Seeds, comprising a lucky dip selection of some of our most popular varieties. Images are for illustration purposes only. Please note, the…  More Info

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