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Schefflera Plant on Lava Rock in a Tray (Lova plant) (House Plant)

An intriguing Umbrella Plant that is grown on porous lava rock enabling it to absorb the water and nutrients it needs straight from the stone. This well loved variety boasts palmate evergreen foliage and shows off its roots, making it a fantastic focal point! This Schefflera comes in its…  More Info

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Lova Diversifolium (Lava plant) On Wooden Tray x 1

Microsorum is a creeping fern, native to Australia and New Zealand. The glossy fronds emerge from spreading, hairy rhizhomes. Grown upon porous Lava Rock, this Kangaroo Fern absorbs water and nutrients directly from the stone. It?s exposed roots and handsome wavy fronds make this unusual…  More Info

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