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Organic Courgette 'Black Beauty'

…blooms. Organic Courgette 'Black Beauty' not only looks great but it also has excellent flavour and texture, plus it?s rich in vitamin C. Pick the fruits all summer long when small or large, as and when needed. You can enjoy this versatile vegetable in all kinds of great-tasting recipes - roasted,…  More Info

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Runner Bean 'Celebration'

…an excellent flavour. The pods of Runner Bean 'Celebration' are fleshy, straight, smooth, and almost stringless when young. With its pretty peach-pink flowers this attractive runner bean will look equally at home in your vegetable plot or your flower borders. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 30cm (12).  More Info

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Kale 'Rainbow Candy Crush'

…you can be enjoy a superb harvest of tasty leaves. Enjoy them in salads, juices or as a steamed vegetable. With looks like this, Kale 'Rainbow Candy Crush' shouldn't be confined to the vegetable plot - plant them in ornamental borders for a bright splash of colour! Height: 90cm (60). Spread:…  More Info

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Kale 'Gourmet Collection'

…‘Gourmet Collection’ offers a great mix of kales with varied foliage colour and textures which not only taste wonderful but look stunning on the vegetable plot. Kale ‘Gourmet Collection’ comprises:* Kale ‘Buttonhole’ – A striking and ornamental variety with…  More Info

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Climbing Bean 'Cobra'

…flavour. Awarded and RHS AGM, this variety is reliable and easy to grow, cropping over a long period. 'Cobra' is a mauve flowered variety that looks as attractive in flower borders as it does in the vegetable garden. Height: 180cm (70). Spread: 30cm (12). Supplied as peat free plugs/9cm pots.  More Info

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Original Veggie Bed

Brimming with vintage appeal, these stylish corrugated steel raised beds looks fabulous in the veggie garden or allotment. Fill them with vegetables, herbs and flowers, or give each of your children their own mini-garden! The clever design of these super-strong beds means that one size fits all!…  More Info

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Cabbage 'Pretino' F1

This beautiful red cabbage is bursting with health-giving antioxidants as well as looking wonderful in the veg patch. Cabbage ‘Pretino’ is a very early variety with good bolting resistance, producing dense, round dense heads weighing between 1.2-2kg. Matures in 65 days. Height: 40cm…  More Info

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Potato 'Kerrs Pink'

Maincrop If you’re looking for a great keeper to store over the winter months, then ‘Kerrs Pink’ is one of the best. Ireland’s favourite potato, ‘Kerrs Pink’ produces slightly irregular, oval tubers with pinkish eyes and its low water content enables it to store…  More Info

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Cauliflower (Amoresco) 'Amo 125' F1 Seeds

…The wonderful spiralling florets of this Romanesco type cauliflower are the perfect colour for Cauliflower Cheese or Piccalilli. The spears are more tender than ordinary cauliflower with an extra nuttiness. Looks beautiful in the garden and on the plate. Height: 45cm (18?). Spread: 60cm (24?).  More Info

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Pea 'Blauwschokker'

A novel pea which not only tastes great but looks fabulous too. Pea 'Blauwschokker' has bi-coloured sweet pea like flowers with mauve wings and a darker deep purple centre. The pods themselves are dark purple, making them easy to spot and pick as well as fun to eat small as mangetout. Alternatively…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Gasana'

…with delicious juicy and sweet fruit. With double blooms in a vibrant shade of pink, this strawberry will look equally at home among your favourite herbaceous perennials as well as the vegetable plot. Ornamental strawberry plants keep their flowers for longer than their single-flowered cousins. The…  More Info

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Sorrel 'Blood Veined'

…are also particularly flavoursome in fish dishes, soups, stews and sauces. Grow this hardy perennial herb as an annual for its colourful foliage that looks equally at home dotted throughout the front of borders as well as in the herb garden or vegetable plot. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 40cm (16).  More Info

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Strawberry 'Summer Breeze Rose'

Now there?s no need to hide your strawberry plants away in the vegetable plot ? recent breeding has produced a real beauty! With double blooms in a deep shade of red-pink, Strawberry 'Summer Breeze Rose' will look equally at home among your favourite herbaceous perennials. Ornamental strawberry…  More Info

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Sweetcorn 'White Lady'

…white cobs are packed with exceptionally sweet kernels which are so juicy it?s like they?ve already been buttered! Cobs of Sweetcorn 'White Lady' look great on the dinner plate, present a stack of grilled ?White Lady? cobs at a barbecue they?re sure to impress your guests. Good weather resistance…  More Info

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Grape Pixie? 'Pinot Noir'

…a cherry and raspberry bouquet that age to more complex ‘vegetal’ aromas. Pixie™ grapes come in a range of varieties, so you can grow your own selection of vintage wines, even in the smallest of growing spaces! Easy to look after, this low-maintenance grape is perfect for those…  More Info

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Celery 'Blush' (Self blanching)

…unusual rose-tinged stems of this outstanding Celery ?Blush? not only adds a refreshing, crispy bite to your summer salads and side dishes, but they look pretty too. Plant this self-blanching variety in blocks for beautifully crunchy and flavoursome stems. Easy to grow, there?s no need to earth-up…  More Info

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Grape Pixie? Collection

…extended flowering season and dwarf proportions, Grape Pixie™ Collection is suitable for all-year-round growing in small greenhouses. Easy to look after, this low-maintenance grape is perfect for those starting out on their wine-growing journey. Height of cordon trained vine: 60cm (2ft).…  More Info

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Radish 'Felicia'

An exciting new vivid purple skinned variety, Radish ?Felicia? has a good peppery punch, a crisp texture and looks fabulous in a salad or finely sliced as a garnish to a fancy dish. It's long French Breakfast shape makes it easier to slice than round radishes or simply for munching as a snack. Enjoy…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Orchid Flame' Seeds

…colour all summer long and won?t run rampant like some other varieties. Nasturtium plants make a great addition to the garden, but also to the vegetable patch where they?ll attract bees and repel many destructive pests, particularly around brassicas. Some gardeners find that they can also act as…  More Info

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Hosta 'Sum and Substance'

…or border, where it makes a bold statement. It looks good with ferns and provides really effective ground cover in areas where many other plants prefer not to grow. Give it shade and moist conditions and it will reward you with lush foliage which looks as good in large pots as it does in the border.…  More Info

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Cauliflower Romanesco precoce

…whirling, almost alien-looking spirals, you?d be forgiven for thinking that this vivid green brassica is some kind of genetically engineered vegetable. In fact, romanesco has been around since the 16th century and predates broccoli and cauliflower. Sometimes referred to as caulibroc or broccoflower,…  More Info

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Potato Twin Pack

Looking for something a little different to serve at the dinner table? Our Potato Twin Pack of blue potatoes will surprise your guests and delight them with the earthy flavours of this potato duo. Kids will love growing them and making blue mash!* Shetland Black (Second Early) - An old heritage…  More Info

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Potato Blight Tolerant Collection

First Early, Second Early & Maincrop If you are looking for spuds which will fight the blight without compromising on flavour, then this is the collection for you. Harvest a scrumptious feast of healthy potatoes from summer to autumn with our Potato Blight Tolerant Collection. Height and spread:…  More Info

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Onion Triple Pack (Spring)

…and a white skinned all-purpose variety. The collection comprises:* Onion 'Pink Panther' (Spring) - An early French onion with pink flesh which looks dainty in a salad or sandwich filling but is also perfect as a mild-flavoured cooking onion (250g).* Sturon - a well known onion variety, renowned…  More Info

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Onion 'Pink Panther' (Spring)

Spring Planting.Pretty in pink, Onion ?Pink Panther? is an early French onion with pink flesh which looks dainty in a salad or sandwich filling but is also perfect as a mild-flavoured cooking onion. This early onion produces good yields and stores well. Height: 45cm (18). Spread: 15cm (6). Companion…  More Info

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Kale 'Daubenton's Duo'

…Kale will keep you fed with greens for life! This Duo of both ‘Daubenton’s Green’ and ‘Daubenton’s Variegata’ looks fantastic on the veg plot as well as providing an all-year-round supply of nutritious, mild-flavoured leaves on shrubby, space-saving plants that…  More Info

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Potato 'Blue Belle'

Maincrop/Second Early A good-looking potato with an equally excellent flavour, Potato ‘Blue Belle’ is a popular show bench variety. This ‘Smiling Spud’ features purple blotches on the eyes that often form into smile shapes. Forms large tubers with pale yellow flesh that have…  More Info

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Kale 'Daubenton's Variegata'

…including winter. A variegated version of the more common 'Daubenton's Green', its boldly patterned leaves make an attractive edible ornamental which looks right at home in a Victorian-style potager. Shunned by supermarkets due to its inability to store, ‘Daubenton’s Variegata’ is…  More Info

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Aubergine 'Three Knight Recipe Collection' F1

This gallant trio of Aubergine 'Green Knight', 'Violet Knight' and 'White Knight', not only looks fantastic in the greenhouse, but also looks great on the plate and offers a rewarding variety of flavours and textures for all your recipes. The 'Knight' collection bear slender, smooth-skinned fruits…  More Info

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