Long Flowering Climbing Plants

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Clematis 'Piilu'

…attriibutes of this type of climbing plant. It has flowers in a classic star shape, that are both frilled at the edges and double coloured. Down the middle of the wide sepals is a mauve pink bar that fades either side to pale pink and in the centre of the   More Info

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Nasturtium 'Climbing Mixed'

…long-flowering vigorous climbing plants look spectacular when trained over walls, fences and hedges. They lack tendrils, but will scramble happily over trellis work, sheds, fences etc. Flowers summer-autumn. Climber. Culinary note: The peppery flavour of the…  More Info

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Petunia hybrida 'Purple Tower' F1 hybrid

…from T&M's own breeding programme. Long stems and astonishing vigour make this the fastest climbing petunia available from seed - easily scaling a 120cm (4ft) climbing frame by the end of the summer. Train the free-flowering stems onto a plant   More Info

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Lathyrus tingitanus 'Rosea'

…that is just as easy-to-grow as traditional Sweet Peas. Vigorous, climbing plants produce masses of coral-rose pink flowers which will quickly cover fences, trellis or archways throughout the summer. Rosea will also make a long-lasting and spectacular cut   More Info

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Geranium 'GeRainbow™ Mixed'

…they can be trained up a trellis, to grow like a climbing plant, to quickly transform a drab fence or wall. The large flowers are a mix of white, pink and red. This trailing pelargonium has ivy like leaves, and has a long flowering season. Trails…  More Info

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Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific'

A romantic climbing plant, Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' produces very long, pendant racemes of lilac-purple, deliciously fragrant flowers from mid-spring through to early summer. A dense covering of feathery, divided leaves provide interest throughout summer,…  More Info

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