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Peony Itoh 'Lollipop'

…Truly stunning and highly unusual creamy yellow petals are striped and flecked with raspberry pink, so that no two flowers are the same. Peony 'Lollipop' is particularly floriferous, bearing masses of gently scented blooms in summer and adding a hint of the exotic to sunny…  More Info

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Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

…purple blooms but on shorter stems for a neater and fuller effect. The perfect size for growing in patio pots, beds and borders, Verbena bonariensis ?Lollipop? will flower in abundance from July until October, attracting butterflies and bees to its nectar-rich blooms. Height…  More Info

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Peony Itoh Collection

…the edges of the petals* 'Border Charm' - pale yellow, lightly fragrant, semi-double blooms, splashed with coral at the base of each petal* 'Lollipop' - unusual creamy yellow petals striped and flecked with raspberry pink Culinary note: Petals can be added to salads, or…  More Info

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