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Alyssum 'Carpet Of Snow' (Seeds)

Easy-to-grow, fragrant annual for ground cover in beds, borders and rockeries in a full sun position. Early flowering and long flowering throughout summer. Height: 10cm (4). Spread: 25cm (10). Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. Click here for more details about…  More Info

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Wildflowers 'Woodland Shade Mix'

…consolida, Digitalis purpurea, Geum chiloense, Hesperis matronalis, Hypericum perforatum, Impatiens balsamina, Lathyrus odoratus, Linaria maroccana, Lobularia maritime, Lupinus polyphyllus, Malvus moschata, Malva sylvestris, Myosotis sylvatica, Nemophila insignis, Papaver…  More Info

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Alyssum 'Alice Golf Mixed'

Hundreds of tiny flowers grow on the Alyssum 'Alice Golf Mixed' plants during summer, making them a pretty addition to garden borders, and planters, especially in cottage style gardens. It is also a good option for alpine rockeries, to add colour later in the season, after late spring and…  More Info

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Purple Lights Annuals Collection

…You can even choose a pot and saucer or a hanging basket with liner to make your display complete! Take the short cut to a fabulous display this summer. Purple Lights Collection comprises jumbo plugs of:* Petunia 'Purple Spotlight' * Lobularia 'Purple' * Coleus 'Main street'…  More Info

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Magenta Lights Annuals Collection

…to fill a hanging basket or patio pot. Give your patio a professional finish this summer! Magenta Lights Collection comprises jumbo plugs of: * Lobularia 'White Stream' - Fragrant, white blooms smother bushy,spreading plants. * Calibrachoa 'Royal White' - Pretty, white 'mini…  More Info

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