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Winter Favourites Collection

This is the perfect collection of shrubs for your winter garden that will add some much needed colour and fragrance when little else is happening in the garden. Each variety has been especially chosen on its own individual merits, and as a collection they are guaranteed to add a…  More Info

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Fig 'Little Miss Figgy'

…dwarf fig is naturally compact. It boasts all the appeal of its parent cultivar 'Violette de Bordeaux', but at a neat and manageable size! Fig 'Little Miss Figgy' grows to just 1.8m tall making it suitable for the average garden or even for a large patio container.…  More Info

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Towering Tree Lily Collection

…with masses of fragrant trumpet blooms. Our Tree Lily ?Collection? includes four dazzling varieties, each with a delicious sweet fragrance. In as little as two or three years, the bulbs will gradually multiply, taking on a shrub-like appearance and producing even more blooms…  More Info

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