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Lily Tree Starburst

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Tree Lily 'Starburst'

…crimson red for a truly lavish display. Tree lilies' are the breathtaking result of years of painstaking breeding; these incredible varieties of oriental lily can grow as tall as 2.5m (8ft) in as little as two years. One single bulb of Tree Lily 'Starburst' can produce up to thirty 20cm (8') trumpet…  More Info

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Tree Lily Collection

Years of careful breeding have produced these breathtaking Tree Lilies - amazing varieties of oriental lily that can grow as tall as 2.5m (8ft) within two years. A single bulb can produce up to thirty trumpet-shaped blooms up to 20cm across and will gradually develop a shrub-like appearance over the…  More Info

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Bumper Bulb Collection

…Spread: 45cm (18).* Tree Lilies: Incredible towering stems adorned with up to 30 perfumed, trumpet-shaped blooms. A stunning focal point for the back of the border and a breathtaking specimen for patio containers. Height: 2.5m (8?). Spread: 60cm (24).* Tree Lily ?Starburst? 3 Bulbs - gold with a…  More Info

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