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Lilly Of The Valley

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Lily of the Valley

…with delicate crimped edges drip from dainty arching stems. Enduring and evocative; their powerful scent is simply unforgettable. Lily of the Valley flowers are also excellent for cutting - just perfect for bedside posies! Height: 20-25cm (8-10). Useful links: How to plant bulbs, corms and tubers  More Info

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Lily of the Valley 'Pink'

Rare and highly sought after, this soft pink Lily of the Valley is a must for the plant connoisseur! Enduring and evocative; their powerful scent is simply unforgettable. Lily of the Valley flowers are also excellent for cutting - just perfect for bedside posies! Height: 20-25cm (8-10). Useful…  More Info

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Lily of the Valley 'Duo Collection'

…unforgettable. Lily of the Valley flowers are also excellent for cutting - just perfect for pretty posies! Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 15cm (6).* Collection comprises: * Lily of the Valley 'Pink' - Highly sought after - a ?must have? for the plant connoisseur!* Lily of the Valley 'White' - Pure white…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Spring Valley' (Summer Paradise Series)

Alstroemeria 'Spring Valley' is an impressive variety, boasting a neat, compact habit and excellent hardiness. The golden-yellow blooms are decorated with contrasting, bright red markings that make an eye-catching display. This hard working Peruvian Lily produces masses of flowers throughout the…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Valley' Collection (Summer Paradise Series)

…(18). Alstroemeria ?Valley Collection? comprises: * Alstroemeria Beach Valley - display of large flowers from late spring until the first frosts.* Alstroemeria Spring Valley - Bring a bright splash of sunshine gold to your patio and borders each summer.* Alstroemeria Malaga Valley - Specially bred…  More Info

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Perennial Collection

…year after year. Choose our standard collection for 3 bare root plants of each variety, or upgrade your order and receive 3 bare root Lily of the Valley plants too! Perennial Collection comprises 15 bare root plants, 3 each of: * Aquilegia alpina ? Nodding purple blooms in early summer rise above an…  More Info

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Mahonia japonica

Mahonia japonica is a popular, evergreen shrub. It offers long racemes of golden yellow flowers which bear a strong ?lily-of-the-valley? perfume to brighten up those long winter days. After the flowers fade, blue-black berries appear. The hardworking shrub will grow in semi shady positions as well…  More Info

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Summer Colour Bundle

…throughout the growing season. Perfect for growing in patio containers where their fragrance can be appreciated. Convallaria Majalis (Lily of the Valley) (7 pips) - Each delicate arching stem carries a flurry of snow-white, bell shaped blooms with a powerful, timeless fragrance. The exquisite blooms…  More Info

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Perennial Saver Collection

…upgrade will include all the above varieties plus the following varieties (27 plants in total - 3 of each variety): Convallarai majalis (Lily of the Valley) ? This ever popular perennial is an excellent ground cover for the moist humus-rich areas of the garden creating a blanket of white bell shaped…  More Info

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Alstroemeria Valley Duo

…garden! Alstroemeria Valley Duo comprises jumbo plug plants of the following varieties:* Alstroemeria ‘Malaga Valley’ – bright pink blooms with splashes of yellow and dark streaks. Height and spread: 38cm (15).* Alstroemeria ‘Beach Valley’ – delicately coloured…  More Info

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Pieris japonica 'Passion'

…'Passion' is at its best in spring, when whorled, vivid red foliage appear as well as a profusion of small pink-red flowers. This 'Lily of the Valley Shrub' requires minimum pruning, but it can be pruned to a required size and this will encourage vigorous flowering. It is best grown in borders…  More Info

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Ericaceous Compost

…Blechnum Fruits Blueberry Cranberry Lemon Lime Lingonberry Orange Raspberry Perennials Cornus canadensis Japanese Iris (Iris ensata) Lily of The Valley (Convallaria majalis) Shrubs Amelanchier lamarkii Azalea Camelia Enkinathus Fothergilla Gardenia Gaultheria Hamamelis Heather (Erica / Calluna)…  More Info

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Sandersonia aurantiaca

You can see why we've nicknamed Sandersonia the 'Golden Lily of the Valley'. More exotic than our native species, but just as hardy, Sandersonia is a little-known variety that has become a popular premium cut flower in recent years. Relaxed, informal, plants that can?t make up their mind if they are…  More Info

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