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Lemon Bush

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Citrus - Lemon

An outstanding variety that produces large and thick skinned lemons. The tiny white flowers will contrast beautifully against the dark and flossy foliage while filling the air with their stunning fragrance from April through to June. Lemon 'Eureka' fruits may take up to a year to ripen but they are…  More Info

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Lime 'Caviar Lime'

Rapidly gaining popularity as gourmet bush tucker, Caviar Lime or Citrus australasica, is a thorny evergreen shrub or small tree. White spring flowers are followed by dark green slender pods which turn to pink as they ripen. Inside the pods are pink ?pearls?, like pomegranate seeds. These pearls or…  More Info

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Golden Yellow Tones Colour Collection

…‘Golden Queen’ – a very pretty and vigorous variegated lemon thyme that excels as an ornamental as well as an edible. Each leaf is daintily edged in yellow to give a shimmering effect. Forming a compact little bush, this hardy evergreen produces short spikes of lilac-pink flowers…  More Info

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