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Chempak® Lawn Green Fertiliser

This is a high nitrogen, soluble lawn feed, the nitrogen content coming primarily from urea. Being soluble it is easy to apply by watering can, and/or hose end dilutors. Useful links: How to use fertilisers  More Info

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Doff Lawn Repair Grass Seed

…knit into damaged areas to produce seamless results. Also ideal for thickening up established lawns to produce a harder wearing finish. This lawn repair mix is specially formulated to incorporate feed and coir, ensuring rapid establishment and healthy growth.…  More Info

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Pest XT Battery Powered Cat Repeller

Whether you?re a dog or cat person, you probably don?t want cat droppings on your lawn, amongst your flowers or hidden away in a bush somewhere. But you also won?t want to do anything to harm the cat, or indeed cats, in question. With this battery powered cat repeller, you can keep…  More Info

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