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Doff Lawn Repair Grass Seed

…grasses, that will quickly knit into damaged areas to produce seamless results. Also ideal for thickening up established lawns to produce a harder wearing finish. This lawn repair mix is specially formulated to incorporate feed and coir, ensuring rapid establishment…  More Info

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Microbiota decussata

…of the garden where low maintenance is preferred. The Siberian Carpet Cypress or Russian Arbor-Vitae is an attractive and practical alternative to lawns on steep banks, narrow strips of land down the side of driveways etc. Its evergreen foliage changes to bronze-purple each…  More Info

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Doff Multipurpose Lawn Seed

lawn seed mix contains 10% Lolium multiflorum (Rapido), 9% L. perrene (Cosaco), 8% L. perrene (Quijote), 8% L. perrene (Nexus XR), 15% Festuca rubra (Boreal), 50% seed coating. * Available in 3 pack sizes to suit any size of lawn: * 250g lawn seed - 20m2* 500g …  More Info

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Doff Hardwearing Lawn Seed

…it less likely to be eaten by our feathered friends. Hard wearing lawn seed mix contains 10% Festuca rubra (Boreal), 10% Lolium multiflorum (Rapido), 30% Festuca rubra (arundinacea), 50% seed coating. * Available in 3 pack sizes to suit any size of lawn: * 500g   More Info

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Chempak® Lawn Green Fertiliser

This is a high nitrogen, soluble lawn feed, the nitrogen content coming primarily from urea. Being soluble it is easy to apply by watering can, and/or hose end dilutors. Useful links: How to use fertilisers  More Info

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Doff Fast Growing Lawn Seed

…our feathered friends. Fast growing lawn seed mix contains 10% Lolium multiflorum (Rapido), 16% L. perrene (Evening Shade), 14% L. perrene (Home Run), 10% Festuca rubra (Red Skin), 50% seed coating. * Available in 2 pack sizes to suit any size of lawn: * 500g lawn<…  More Info

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Woodland Garden Saver Collection

…features Giant Snowdrops, Russian Snowdrops, Bluebells and Aconites. These reliable bulb species can be used to create a mass of colour in your lawn or under trees. The top quality, long-lasting bulbs are delivered to your door perfect for spring meaning they can be planted…  More Info

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Gaultheria procumbens

…of the garden with minimum fuss, and will prevent weeds from growing. It can also be planted on sloping ground, making it a good alternative to lawn turf. It has small waxy leaves that turn a warm red by October. Small white, bell shaped flowers are followed by a profusion…  More Info

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Crocus 'Bicolour Collection'

…garden in February, when most gardens are in need of some! Crocus ?Pickwick?, ?Vanguard? and ?Skyline? appear in shades of white, purple, pink and blue and will look amazing planted in drifts in lawns and borders or together in patio containers too! Height: 10cm (4). Spread:…  More Info

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Wisteria (Standard)

…a small garden. Pendants of purple blooms hang gracefully from woody anti clockwise twining stems. An enchanting focal point when planted in lawns and borders, or grown in large patio containers. Height of stem supplied: 60cm (24) in an 11cm pot. Decorative pot not supplied.…  More Info

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Crocus 'Winter Flowering'

…welcome the spring. Crocus flowers in shades of saffron, white and purple look particularly effective when planted in drifts or naturalised in lawns. Flowering 7.5cm (3) tall during February and March, these hardy crocus bulbs will multiply and bloom year after year. Bulb…  More Info

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Crocus 'Value Mix'

…of Crocus ?Value mixed? will bring an instant radiance to your garden! These cheery spring bulbs are loved for their glowing flowers that bejewel lawns, beds and borders, welcoming the spring. This colourful mix is perfect for naturalising under deciduous trees, or dotting…  More Info

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Chionodoxa Mixed

…days of winter. Commonly known as ?Glory of the Snow?, this hardy, low maintenance Spring bulb is quick to establish and will happily naturalise in lawns, rockeries, or in the dappled shade beneath trees and shrubs. In time, Chiondoxa ?Mixed? will multiply to form carpets of…  More Info

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Creeping Phlox Collection

…plant has many uses - underplant trees, shrubs and tall perennials, soften path edging or cover awkward slopes and banks. If you're tired of your lawn, why not replace it with a sea of seasonal colour that bridges the colour gap between winter and summer bedding. Your…  More Info

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