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Tomato Watering Collars

Watering tomato plants in growbags can prove tricky, with water spilling over the edges instead of reaching the roots where it is needed. Now you can water easily with these handy growbag watering collars. Simply place the collars around the young tomato plants…  More Info

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Garden Grow Set of 2 Self Watering Plant Pots Large

…planter with a water well creates a great environment for growing flowering plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Simply fill the base with water then add seeds and soil. The ingenious base allows your plants to have constant access to water as they need it, and…  More Info

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Solar Floating Lily Pad Fountain

…effect that can shoot water up to 85cm high. The pump is solar powered, meaning there are no extra hidden running costs as it simply works by using sunlight. The pump has no wires and sits under the lily-pad, whilst the large solar panel is built into the top of the …  More Info

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