Large Houseplants

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Hibiscus 'Apollo'

…'Apollo'. Bred for its large blooms and longer flowering period, it makes a superb focal point. These well branched plants are covered with glossy, evergreen foliage which looks attractive all year round. This tender Hibiscus makes an excellent houseplant or a…  More Info

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Monstera deliciosa (House Plant)

…focal point in a bright room as it forms a large, architectural display. Making it ideal for large entrance halls, conservatories and larger living spaces that can accommodate its size as it grows. Height and spread: 2.5m (8'). Please note: Some houseplants are…  More Info

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House Plant Urban Jungle Collection (House Plant)

The Urban Jungle Collection is an instant way to add an exotic ambience to your living space. It includes three different types of houseplants, that have been selected for their contrasting foliage and how easy they are to care for. * Urban Jungle Collection comprises 1 plant each…  More Info

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Calathea orbifolia (House Plant)

The rounded leaves of Calathea orbifolia are beautifully striped with silver and green, giving an elegant, corrugated appearance. The large leaves and bushy habit create a tropical feel in your home making a lovely focal point for a warm, humid spot such as a bathroom or kitchen.…  More Info

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Begonia maculata (House Plant)

An exotic looking tender perennial with eye-catching silver speckled, heart-shaped foliage. Begonia maculata has large leaves that sit above erect stems and produces groups of light pink or white blooms from June through to August and creates a wonderful display. This exquisite…  More Info

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Caladium 'Fantasy'

…?Fantasy is a strikingly eye-catching tropical beauty. Large, heart shaped leaves are openly displayed, showing off the white tone with green veins and raspberry-red ribs, there is no way you will miss this. They make ideal houseplants and are also loved in the garden…  More Info

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Nepenthes alata (House Plant)

…plant not only makes an attractive and interesting feature in your home but it doubles up as a fly catcher too! The plants are upright but have large pitcher flowers which hang down on thread-like stems. A great choice for an indoor hanging planter or conservatory pot, the…  More Info

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Spathiphyllum 'Torelli' (House Plant)

A low maintenance tender perennial commonly known as a Peace Lily. This dainty house plant produces large, elongated, silky evergreen leaves with tips that slightly droop. Beautiful white spathes are borne above their sleek stems in spring and early summer and as they unfurl you'll…  More Info

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