Larg White Lilys

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Lily 'Trumpet White'

…these towering snow white Longiflorum lilies make a refreshing addition to garden borders or large patio containers. Also known as the Easter lily, Lily 'Trumpet White' blooms throughout mid-summer, filling your garden with irresistible…  More Info

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Lily 'Purple Fountain'

A gorgeous Oriental lily boasting an intoxicating fragrance from its large white flowers, each petal delicately edged with deep mauve-pink. This elegant lily is ideal planted in beds and border or try growing it in large patio containers and enjoy the…  More Info

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Agapanthus Blue & White Collection

…perennials lend their stature to borders and patio containers, where their architectural seed heads continue the display well into autumn. The large spherical blooms also look magnificent in cut flower displays. In your collection you will receive the following two varieties…  More Info

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Tree Lily 'Anastasia'

Tree Lily 'Anastasia' bears impressive pink and white flowers with speckled throats, and has a deliciously strong sweet fragrance. Reaching 2.5m (8?) in as little as two years, plants will gradually multiply, taking on a shrub-like appearance. Plant tree lilies in   More Info

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Tree Lily Collection

…them in borders, against walls or fences, or in large pots on the patio, and just let them look after themselves. Height: 2.5m (8'). Spread: 60cm (24). Supplied as bulbs.* Collection comprises:* 'Yellow Rocket' - Silky yellow petals with creamy white edges.* …  More Info

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Spathiphyllum 'Torelli' (House Plant)

Better known as the Peace Lily, these tender perennials are famed for their ability to remove pollutants from the air. Spathiphyllum 'Torelli' forms a dense clump of large, upright, glossy, evergreen leaves with gently drooping tips that make this a handsome house plant all…  More Info

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Spathiphyllum 'Torelli' (House Plant)

A low maintenance tender perennial commonly known as a Peace Lily. This dainty house plant produces large, elongated, silky evergreen leaves with tips that slightly droop. Beautiful white spathes are borne above their sleek stems in spring and early summer and as they…  More Info

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Agapanthus Blue Trio

…Including sky blue, royal blue & white pinstripe and plum-purple flowers, these spectacular Agapanthus flowers are balanced on tall stiff stems, making superb cut flowers, or alternatively forming attractive autumn seed heads if left intact. With large strap…  More Info

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Perennial Collection

…airy clump of ferny foliage. Height: 60cm (24?). Spread: 30cm (12?).* Chrysanthemum x superbum ?Silver Princess? ? A showy Shasta Daisy with large white blooms in late summer. Height: 40cm (16?). Spread: 50cm (20?). * Heliopsis ?Burning Hearts? ? Golden Daisy blooms…  More Info

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Gladiolus 'Midnight Mix'

Gladiolus ?Midnight Mix? has a gorgeous mix of lavender, violet and white flowers which make a stunning display and a must have for some gorgeous late summer colours in the garden. They are sturdy, large blooms which are perfect for a sunny spot or border. They are also…  More Info

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