Lambs Lettuce

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Lamb's Lettuce 'Favor'

Lamb's Lettuce 'Favor' forms rosettes of dark green, glossy, rounded leaves with a mild yet distinctively nutty flavour. Packed with nutrients, these useful salad leaves are often found in supermarket packs of mixed salad, but are equally tasty as a steamed vegetable. This…  More Info

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Lettuce 'Bistro Salad Mixed'

Lettuce 'Bistro Salad Mixed' is the popular supermarket salad bag, but why buy it there when you can grow your own! It has a crunchy texture and packed full of flavour. This combination includes Lettuce, Lambs Lettuce, Chard and Beet leaves which is the perfect…  More Info

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Corn Salad 'Cavallo'

Corn Salad Cavallo keeps on producing a mass of fresh flavoured, deep green 'lamb's lettuce' leaves. A late summer sowing will guarantee winter salads.  More Info

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