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Lady In Red

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Athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Lady In Red'

Athyrium ?Lady in Red? has striking red stems and green foliage. It would be a useful addition to any fairly shaded garden where it will thrive, showing off its architectural form and gently uncurling fronds. This hardy fern is bound to create interest for all…  More Info

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Fern 'Fantastic Collection'

Red' - Dark red stems and foliage that merges from black to green and white. * Athyrium ?Lady in Red? - Striking red stems and green foliage create interest for all who see it.* Athyrium 'Vidalii' - Deeply contrasting foliage of bright,…  More Info

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Physocarpus opulifolius 'Lady in Red'

Physocarpus ?Lady in Red' is a colourful addition to a mixed border whether in sun or shade. With its name-giving, bright red foliage and bunches of delicate pink flowers in summer, which turn into red berries come autumn. It has the added…  More Info

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Wildflowers 'Ultimate Mix'

…flowers in bloom. Height: up to 60cm (24). Spread: 20cm (8). This mix comprises of: Field Poppy, Corn Marigold, Cornflower, Corn Cockle, Common Knapweed, Red Campion, Ox-Eye Daisy, Meadow Buttercup, Lady's Bedstraw, White Campion, Yarrow, Grasses: Browntop Bent…  More Info

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Wildflowers 'Classic Meadow Mix'

…Spread: 20cm (8). This mix comprises of: Field Poppy, Red Campion, Black Meddick, Common Knapweed, Ox-eye daisy, Ribwort Plantain, Yarrow, Lady's Bedstraw, Bulbous Buttercup, Cowslip, Salad Burnet Grasses: Browntop Bent, Strong Creeping Red Fescue, Crested…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Hardy Potted Collection'

…Magenta red sepals curl back to reveal dainty petals in a shade of deep indigo blue, contrasting with its glowing golden foliage. Height and spread: 90cm (36).* Fuchsia ?Lady Boothby? ? A climbing Fuchsia bearing a multitude of pendulous magenta and deep purple…  More Info

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Fruit Me® Collection

…? in fact, anywhere that space is at a premium. * The Fruit Me® Collection comprises 3 superb varieties:* Fruit Me® 'Peach Me Red' - (Peach 'Talaia') Bears good crops of juicy, sweet, red-skinned peaches, for harvesting as early as June. * Fruit Me® 'Necta…  More Info

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Fruit Me® 'Necta Me'

…adapted for growing in patio containers over a long period, producing good crops from an early age. Perfect for balconies, terraces, conservatories and small gardens ? in fact, anywhere that space is at a premium. Fruit Me® ?Necta Me? uses the freestone variety …  More Info

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