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Plastic T Label

…handy plastic T-labels. Simply slip the top of the seed packet into the slot of one of these durable labels to provide a constant reminder. Perfect for the seed trays in the greenhouse, or for labelling direct sown beds and veggie plots. Each packet contains 10…  More Info

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Garden Essentials Plastic Plant Label & Pencil

…plastic plant labels and pencil which can be used over and over again. Use the labels to mark seed sowings, label plants or mark where you have planted bulbs to avoid digging them up again. An essential piece of garden kit for anyone who raises their own plants…  More Info

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Copper Labels

How often do you forget which variety you planted? With these stylish copper labels you can identify your plants without the need for ugly plastic labels that ruin your display! Each pack contains 10 labels measuring 11.7cm long. Use a permanent marker to write on them…  More Info

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Arum 'Gold Label'

…there?s no denying their glamour! The elegant flower spathes rise above glossy, dark foliage; each leaf flecked with splashes of silver. Arum ?Gold Label? is enticingly exotic with sunny-yellow blooms in summer. This half-hardy variety will brighten the patio or conservatory…  More Info

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